Natural Flavors

Simple is as simple does. In other words, this collection of naturally good products are simply made from the most basic ingredients. Give them all a try!
  • Boiled Peanuts

    4.7 star rating
    Boiled peanuts are a Southern tradition and these are some of the best we've tasted. When you heat these up, you...
  • Roanoke River Redskins

    4.7 star rating
    The ruby red waters of the mighty Roanoke River create the western border of Bertie County. On one s... 
  • $14.80–$115.50
    No salt, no additives of any kind. Just coarsely ground, roasted peanuts! OU Kosher Certified 
  • Cheese Straws

    4.5 star rating
    Cheese straws are a Southern tradition and will be found on the banquet table at any social event south of the Mason...
  • $14.40–$114.65
    The nut that started it all…and they just keep getting better and better. Our Blister-Fried Peanuts are cooked...
  • Mother's Day Tins

    4 star rating
    Your mother would be happy with a hand-drawn card, but why not surprise her with our customized tin? Our...