Gift Baskets and More

  • Three Sweet Gift Set

    5 star rating
    If you have a craving for something sweet, this combination will take your breath away. Our standard gift set...
  • Nutty Buddy Gift Set

    5 star rating
    This gift gives new meaning to the phrase "Nuts to You". Our standard gift includes a 10 oz. jar of Blister Fried, 9...
  • $36.40–$87.15
    A wonderful way to remember that special person. Our standard gift includes 10 oz. jars each of Blister Fried and...
  • Carolina Heat Gift Set

    5 star rating
    Our hottest gift set in our standard size includes a 10 ounce jar each of Smoky Sans Souci Peanuts, Red Hot Hexlena...
  • Carolina Coast Gift Set

    5 star rating
    Love the Coast? Then you'll enjoy this gift set. Our standard gift set includes 10 oz. jars featuring our Sea Salt...
  • Nice 'n' Spicy Gift Set

    5 star rating
    This is for the folks that enjoy a little heat. From smoky hot to nicely spicy, this is a gift of savory flavorings....
  • Triple Treat

    4.9 star rating
    Do you love them all? You don't have to decide! Indulge yourself with three of our favorite products – a 10...
  • V.I.P. Collection

    4.4 star rating
    Our V. I. P. (Very Impressive Peanuts) Collection is just the gift for that very important person. Includes 30 oz....
  • Decadent Chocolates

    4.7 star rating
    Decadence in a box! That's the best way we can describe our new gift idea. This delicious collection includes a jar...
  • Peanut Parade

    4.9 star rating
    A drum roll and a clash of cymbals when opened would really fit this gift to a "T". You'll please a "parade" of...
  • Special Tray

    4.7 star rating
    This pretty wicker tray houses a sampling of some of our best sellers including a 2 lb. burlap bag of Roasted and...
  • Sensational Sampler

    5 star rating
    We just went nuts with this one! This package includes a 10 oz. jar of Blister-Fried, a 9 oz. jar of Cashews, an 8...
  • Chocolate Devotion

    5 star rating
    This basket is just the gift for the chocolate lover! Our delightful sampler includes a 3.5 ounce Dark Chocolate...
  • Carolina Cousins

    4.8 star rating
    Just for you! Two of our favorites – Blister-Fried and Chocolate-Covered Peanuts both in 30 oz. jars. You'd...
  • Four Flavors

    5 star rating
    Just perfect for your next get together! This wonderful sampler includes a 10 oz. jar of Blister Fried Peanuts, 9...
  • Half Time

    5 star rating
    Treat yourself, or someone you really like, to a 10 oz. jar of our Blister-Fried Peanuts, and our 9 oz. jars of...
  • $58.80
    Our newest basket contains a buffet of peanut flavors named for locations here in Bertie County plus a recently...
  • Four Alarm Fire Gift Basket

    4.7 star rating
    We've fired things up just for those of you who like the hot and spicy things in life! This basket includes one...
  • Five Alarm Fire Gift Box

    5 star rating
    Super size our Four Alarm Gift Basket by adding a 2 lb. bag of Hot n Spicy Roasted in- Shell Peanuts to our large...
  • $38.95
    This new sampler is for the health conscience among us! This set features a 3.5 ounce 67% Dark Chocolate Bar, 10...
  • Custom Logo

    We know how important your customers are to you! Our new customized tins of Gourmet Blister Fried Peanuts will be...
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  • $189.00
    This is our idea of the perfect gift: peanuts every month of the year! We'll send a card explaining the gift with...
  • $390.60
    This is our idea of the perfect gift: peanuts every month of the year! We'll send a card explaining the gift with...
  • $24.00
    This is the type of hat you'll see all our farmer friends wear as they work in the fields. But, this style has also...
  • $25.00
    You asked for it! Low profile caps from Bertie County Peanuts. Great for the beach, the pool, fishing, golfing, or...
  • Snack Local Tshirt

    5 star rating
    You asked, and we delivered our second tshirt design. Available in 6 colors: Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Light Blue,...
  • $23.00
    You asked, and we now have our own Onesie just for your Bertie County Peanut! Available in 2 colors: Blue and Pink....