Sweet Tastes

Award winning Butterscotch Covered Peanuts and Peanut Brittle headline our selection of sweets. But, don't overlook the Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Pecans, and Cashews!
  • Peanut Brittle

    4.6 star rating
    Did you know that there are more peanut brittle recipes than there are trees in the woods? Wow! We have tried dozens...
  • $15.25–$155.20
    Our great Aunt Prudence Stokes inspired this sweet, peanutty treat. Aunt Prudence, fondly called "Candy" by friends...
  • Chocolate Covered Peanuts

    4.8 star rating
    There is nothing like it! These chocolaty morsels can't be beat. We make these treats the old fashioned way, slowly...
  • $16.00–$125.30
    Everything tastes better with chocolate! Our home style peanut brittle has been drenched with delicious chocolate to...
  • Chocolate Covered Pecans

    4.4 star rating
    Everything tastes better with chocolate! Our toasted, salted pecans have been drenched with our delicious chocolate...
  • Honey Roasted Peanuts

    4.9 star rating
    These are lightly salted, Super Extra Large peanuts with a light coat of sugary honey. Once you try this fantastic...
  • Honey Lime Peanuts

    4.9 star rating
    When summer heats up in eastern NC you'll find most of us looking for ways to cool off--a nice shade tree or porch...
  • $15.25–$23.15
    Some experts out there say that red wine, dark chocolate, and nuts are good for your health. Well, we listened and...
  • Chocolate Covered Cashews

    4.9 star rating
    Cashews are the snack of choice when Southerners wish to "put on airs", and we think ours are the best in the South!...
  • White Chocolate Pecans

    5 star rating
    Whether you say "Pee-can" or "Puh-kahn", we think ours are the tastiest around. Still, we felt a bit of white...
  • $18.60–$183.50
    Life is nuts….but even better with chocolate! And, we truly believe that statement. So much so, in fact,...
  • Peanut Crunch

    4.9 star rating
    Our newest treat! Peanut Crunch is a delicious combination of peanuts, sugar, and butter...it's awesome. Give it a...