Holiday Tins

A little something different for the holidays! Check out our tins filled with peanuts, chocolate brittle, and cheese straws. Only from Bertie County Peanuts.
  • $41.90
    He'll say, "Don't get me anything," but he doesn't really mean that! So surprise him with this customized tin of our...
  • Valentine's Day Tins

    4.9 star rating
    These tins are a great way to send something special to that someone special. Choose from our three options or send...
  • Winter Snowflakes Tin

    5 star rating
    This tin is the perfect " all around" gift for the Winter. Packed with 36 ounces of our delicious Chocolate Covered...
  • Mother's Day Tins

    4 star rating
    Your mother would be happy with a hand-drawn card, but why not surprise her with our customized tin? Our...
  • Cheese Straws

    4.5 star rating
    Cheese straws are a Southern tradition and will be found on the banquet table at any social event south of the Mason...