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Weeping Mary's Ghost Pepper Peanuts

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Weeping Mary's Ghost Pepper Peanuts

For years we've played around with some unique flavor combinations. But, it wasn't until we came across Ghost Pepper that we found a truly HOT flavor that we liked. Ghost Peppers are the hottest peppers in the world, and we've combined that heat with the smoky heat of the Habanera Pepper and the sweet heat of Paprika to create a frighteningly hot recipe. Named after Weeping Mary Road and Weeping Mary Church in Bertie County, our new Weeping Mary's Ghost Pepper Peanuts are a fiery treat that are definitely unique.
OU Kosher Certified

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Description Item # Price Weight Qty
Weeping Mary's Ghost Pepper Peanuts (10 oz) 115 $6.10 10 oz
Weeping Mary's Ghost Pepper Peanuts (30 oz) 116 $15.50 30 oz
Case of twelve 10 oz jars (shipped to one address) C115 $65.90  
Case of six 30 oz jars (shipped to one address) C116 $83.70  

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