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Cheese Straws

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Cheese Straws

Cheese straws are a Southern tradition and will be found on the banquet table at any social event south of the Mason Dixon Line. Of course each family has its own secret recipe, and ours are made from our family's time honored formula. The Classic Cheese Straw is a blend of sharp cheddar cheese, butter, and a smidgen of cayenne. The Hot Cheese Straw is a blend of sharp cheddar cheese, butter, and a dash of cayenne, red pepper, and black pepper. Papa Jack loved them both, and we know you will too!

Each tin of Bertie County Cheese Straws is graced with a full color photograph of the Historic Hope Plantation mansion.

For more information visit the website:

Additionally, to help with the preservation of the site a portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Cheese Straws will be donated to the Historic Hope Foundation.

New for 2011, choose to have your tin shipped with a Valentine's Day label!

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Description Item # Price Weight Customize Qty
Cheese Straws - 8 Ounce Tin 93 $14.90 8 oz
Hot Cheese Straws - 8 Ounce Tin 96 $14.90 8 oz
Classic Lil Snacker (4 oz. bag) - (Pkg contains 2 bags) 94A $13.90 8 oz  
Hot Lil Snacker (4 oz bag) - (Pkg contains 2 bags) 95A $13.90 8 oz  
Classic Lil Snacker - One 4 Ounce Bag 94 $6.95 4 oz  
Hot Lil Snacker - One 4 Ounce Bag 95 $6.95 4 oz  

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